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The Greek Gods in Modern Scholarship (2015)

Below is a list of corrections, clarifications and additions. Undoubtedly more errors remain to be discovered. If you find any, I would be grateful if you could send them to me for inclusion in this list and for correcting future printings.
  • p. 2: On the theoretical reasons for studying the history of classical scholarship see further C. Robert Phillips III, ‘Classical Scholarship against its History’, AJP vol. 110, n. 4 (Winter 1989), pp. 636-657 esp. pp. 637-639, and pp. 656-657: ‘...we should engage in dialogue with our predecessors – not to disprove them (a vain epistemological endeavor) and consequently to buttress our own claims, but rather to begin to think philosophically about the meaning of classical scholarship, ours and theirs. Only in that way can we understand ourselves, our subjectivity, and thus classical antiquity.’

  • p. 6, last lines of second paragraph: I am here making the point that Lang and Max Müller coincided for several years in Oxford before the former went to London. 


  • p. 23, first lines of second paragraph: I am here referring to terms employed by German classical scholars in the titles of their writings. In addition to Religion or Mythologie, another term used was Götterlehre: see J.N. Bremmer, ‘‘‘Religion’, ‘Ritual’, and the Opposition ‘Sacred vs. ‘Profane’. Notes towards a Terminological ‘Genealogy’’’, in F. Graf (ed.), Ansichten griechischer Rituale (Stuttgart / Leipzig 1998), pp. 9-32.


  • p. 135, second and third lines of second paragraphGeschichten der Hellenischen Stämme und Städte should be Geschichten Hellenischer Stämme und Städte.


  • p. 267, fives lines from the end of second paragraph: it should read ‘as we shall see’

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