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‘German Altertumswissenschaft and Greek mythology in the 19th century’ in R. Woodard (ed.), The Cambridge History of World Mythology and Mythography (CUP, forthcoming)

‘A History of Changing Religious Attitudes in Greek Antiquity: Martin P. Nilsson’s Greek Piety (1948)’ in G. Ekroth and J. Wallensten (eds), A Celebration of the Work of Martin P. Nilsson (Stockholm, forthcoming)


‘Representations of Ancient Persia and Asia in Paparrigopoulos’s History of the Hellenic Nation (1860-74) in the light of Grote’s History of Greece (1846-56) and Droysen’s Geschichte Alexanders des Großen (1833)’ in C. Avlami and M. Konaris (eds), The Multiple Antiquities of Greek Modernity (EfA, forthcoming)

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